Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

A Life Changing Investment in Yourself

Cosmetic surgery is an important investment in yourself, enabling you to look your best and feel more confident about your body. Cosmetic surgery can help you to meet a variety of personal goals, including:

  • Body contouring after childbirth or major weight loss
  • Accentuating your strongest features and de-emphasizing your weakest
  • Reducing the physical signs of aging

MyMichigan Medical Center Midland is unmatched in the area for safety and quality, and our program was specially designed to cater to the unique needs of cosmetic surgery patients, providing the utmost in privacy and personalized attention.

Safety and Quality Unmatched in the Area

  • All of the plastic surgeons at MyMichigan are board-certified in plastic surgery, which requires a high standard of training and performance excellence.
  • MyMichigan staff members are committed to ongoing training, including specialized training in caring for cosmetic surgery patients.

Concern for Your Privacy and Comfort

Cosmetic Surgery at MyMichigan has been specially designed with a hotel-like atmosphere and attitude, but with the safety and quality that only a hospital can provide. Plus, we offer an unmatched emphasis on your privacy. Our program features: 

  • A beautifully decorated facility in a quiet side hallway, ensuring plenty of "beauty rest"
  • A private entrance and private, hotel-like rooms
  • Immediate room check-in for you and your support person, with no time spent in the waiting room
  • The same staff manages all your care from check-in to checkout

Personalized Attention by a Caring Staff

  • Dedicated staff specially trained in the unique needs of cosmetic surgery patients
  • Close teamwork between your doctor and the registered nurses in Cosmetic Surgery
  • MyMichigan's nursing staff are trained in proactive pain management. We work with you to regularly reassess how you are feeling and to make you as comfortable as possible throughout your stay.

Helping Ensure Affordability

Although many cosmetic procedures are not covered by insurance, we work with you to make your surgery surprisingly affordable. We offer guaranteed upfront pricing. For specific details about costs or financing, contact our customer service representative at (989) 488-5815 or toll free (844) 832-1956.

Make the Right Choice

We want you to feel good about your choice to have cosmetic surgery at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland. This Web site provides detailed information about procedures, including:

Schedule a Personalized Consultation

Cosmetic surgery is a very personal matter. Your results depend on your body type, state of health, personal goals and other factors. The best way to get all of your questions answered is to schedule a personalized consultation. 

The MyMichigan Health Line specializes in helping people in Alma, Bay City, Clare, Gladwin, Midland, Mt. Pleasant, Saginaw and surrounding areas find cosmetic surgeons and other specialists. For a referral to one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, contact MyMichigan Health Line at (989) 837-9090 or toll-free at (800) 999-3199.

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