Room Amenities

Cosmetic Surgery RoomCosmetic Surgery at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland is in a quiet hallway away from the bustle of the main hospital areas, ensuring you get plenty of private "beauty rest" after your procedure. You'll have your own room with:

  • Private bath
  • Spacious vanity sink area
  • Cable television
  • Telephone
  • Recliner for your support person

When it is time for your procedure, staff will come to your room to get you - no sitting in a crowded waiting room. Your support person may remain in your room during your procedure, and your physician will contact them there to report on your progress. You will return to your room to rest and recover until it is time to go home.

Some procedures will be done at Riecker Surgery Center, a specialized day surgery center located on the main hospital campus. Similar arrangements have been made there to assure your privacy and comfort.

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