Insulin Pump Clinics

Insulin Pump ClinicA Convenient, Continuous Method of Insulin Delivery

An insulin pump is a different method of insulin delivery for people with diabetes and can replace the conventional multiple insulin injection regimen.

Insulin pump therapy allows you to set a basal rate, or background insulin, that is delivered continuously throughout the day and night to support normal body function. The pump also allows the patient to give insulin "on demand" when they eat.

The insulin pump delivers insulin through a small tube which is attached to an even smaller cannula (tube). The cannula is inserted under the skin by a small needle every 2 to 3 days. The pump, which is the size of a small cell phone, contains a reservoir (syringe) of insulin. This reservoir must be filled with insulin by the patient every 2 to 3 days when the cannula is replaced.

Appropriate Candidates

Appropriate candidates for the insulin pump include people who:

  • Self-monitor and record blood glucose levels at least six times daily
  • Treat low blood glucose levels appropriately
  • Count carbohydrates and read food labels
  • Demonstrate ability to operate the pump

The insulin pump is also a good choice for women with gestational diabetes, for people with gastroparesis or metabolic instability and for those who have undergone a renal transplant.

Making the Transition from Conventional Therapy

Education is essential. MyMichigan's diabetes nurse educators and diabetes dietitians are Certified Insulin Pump Trainers. During individual consultations, you will review your current diabetes care plan and identify which pump would work best for you, over several visits, pump maintenance, administration and technology will be reviewed.

Insulin Pump Clinic

Patients are seen by a diabetes dietitian, diabetes nurse educator and an endocrinologist during the same appointment for insulin adjustment and pattern management. Physical activity, psychosocial concerns and meal planning also will be discussed.

For More Information

For more information about MyMichigan’s insulin pump clinics, call the Diabetes Center at (989) 839-3123 or toll free at (800) 727-3123.

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