Are You at Risk?

Find Out If You Have Diabetes

Common symptoms of diabetes are increased fatigue, extreme hunger or thirst and frequent urination. Yet people may have diabetes and have no symptoms at all.

The American Diabetes Association recommends adults over 45 years old be tested every three years. If you’re at high risk, you should be tested sooner and more frequently. Talk to your primary care provider about what testing is appropriate for you.

Assess Your Risk

If you are over age 45, smoke, are overweight or have a family member with diabetes, you may be at increased risk. Take this risk test from the American Diabetes Association to find out.

Reduce Your Risk

There is no cure for diabetes, but if you are at increased risk, you may be able to prevent it. MyMichigan Medical Center Midland offers community education classes to help people understand the disease and learn ways to reduce their risk. Check our list of upcoming diabetes classes.

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