Put a Stop to Foot Ulcers Early

Diabetes is the leading cause of limb loss, yet most amputations can be prevented through early intervention and care.

The 3 most important contributors to reducing
amputations in people with diabetes are:

  1. Education
  2. Regular Clinical Visits
  3. Proper Shoe Wearing

When to Get Diabetes Education

Diabetes education is a covered annual benefit under Medicare, yet many people don’t take advantage of this benefit. A lot can change in a year, including your medications, nutrition needs and lifestyle.

Schedule a diabetes education appointment:

  • At diagnosis.
  • Every year, for review.
  • When your physical or emotional condition changes.
  • During transitions in care such as a new living situation or hospitalization.

Wounds Can't Wait. Take Action!

  1. Schedule your annual diabetes education appointment today. Call (800) 727-3123.
  2. Keep up with regular self-foot checks, especially during the pandemic.
  3. If a wound hasn’t healed in 28 days, don’t wait: seek specialized care. Call MyMichigan’s Wound Treatment Centers at (877) 683-0800.

Infographic: Put a Stop to Foot Ulcers Early. Same as page text but with images.

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