Standards of Care

If you have diabetes, you should follow your meal plan, take your medications as prescribed, exercise and take care of your teeth and feet. Regular tests and check-ups are also recommended to help you maintain your health and prevent complications.

At Least Once a Day:

  • Test and record your blood glucose levels. The goal is to maintain your glucose levels within the recommended guidelines.
  • Check your feet for redness, swelling, corns, calluses, ingrown toenails or breaks in the skin

At Least Twice a Year:

  • Have a physical exam
  • Have your blood pressure checked
  • Have an HbA1c test

At Least Once a Year:

  • Have a complete dilated eye exam
  • Have a complete foot exam
  • Have your blood fat levels checked (lipid screen
  • Have your urine tested for protein (microalbumin screen)
  • See your dentist
  • Get a Flu vaccine

Clinics from MyMichigan

  • Insulin Pump Clinics - For patients interested in insulin pump therapy, the Diabetes Center at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland offers initial pump training as well as ongoing management through the Insulin Pump Clinic. The Pump Clinic includes consultation with an endocrinologist and diabetes nurses and dietitians.  Call  (989) 839-3123 or tollfree (800) 727-3123  to schedule  an appointment at either clinic.

Screenings and Expos at MyMichigan

On a yearly basis, MyMichigan Health offers free diabetes expos and foot screenings throughout the community:

  • Diabetes Expos - Designed for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Events include blood pressure monitoring, health screening tests, vendor exhibits of the latest technology, lectures by diabetes staff and diabetes and dietary counseling with certified  diabetes educators.
  • Foot Screenings - Designed for people with diabetes and not currently under the care of a podiatrist. Includes a free examination by a podiatrist and foot care education by a diabetes nurse.

Check our listings for upcoming screenings and expos.

Recommended Adult Glucose Levels

(from the American Diabetes Association)

Test Target bloold sugar levels for people with diabetes
A1C < 7.0%1
Pre-meal Glucose
(Preprandial plasma glucose
90-130 mg/dl (5.0-7.2 mmol/l)
2-Hour Post-meal Glucose
(Postprandial plasma glucose) 2
< 180 mg/dl (< 10.0 mmol/l)

1Referenced to a nondiabetic range of 4.0-6.0% using a DCCT-based assay.
2Postprandial glucose measurements should be made 1-2 hours after the beginning of the meal.

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