Tina Cooper, Endocrinology Patient

Tina Cooper - Midland, MI

"I couldn’t ask for a better place or anyone better to take care of me."

Her Hypertension and Other Symptoms Disappeared After the Removal of a Rare Tumor

“At age 33, I developed severe high blood pressure, diabetes, hot flashes and early menopause,” said Tina Cooper, who recently moved to Midland with her two young daughters. “Prior to moving to Midland, I had been to several doctors who told me that there was nothing they could do,” she said.

For five years, none of her symptoms went away, despite a strict diet, exercise and medications, “I was always fatigued,” she said. “I thought it was just the way things were going to be.”

One day, while helping a friend with some cleaning, Cooper became sick from bleach fumes and went to an urgent care. The experience, though unpleasant, turned her life around.

As more symptoms emerged, she was sent to the Emergency Department at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland. There, a CT scan incidentally showed a mass above her right kidney. When she began feeling better and was released, she was strongly advised to take the test results to her primary care provider.

Family Nurse Practitioner Anne-Marie Wiggins, F.N.P.-B.C., M.S.N., quickly understood and referred her to General and Endocrine Surgeon Melwyn Sequeira, M.D. “She was on the ball,” said Cooper. “I’ve never had such quick, complete follow-up. And Dr. Sequeira was phenomenal.”

He confirmed that Cooper had a rare tumor called an adrenal pheochromocytoma. He told her he could remove it, and the goal was to get her back to feeling 100 percent. While he couldn’t guarantee it, he was very optimistic. She understood and agreed to the surgery.

Prior to surgery Dr. Sequeira referred Cooper to Endocrinologist Sujay Madduri M.D., who completed her endocrine workup, including screening for genetic diseases which can cause such tumors, and rendered her medically fit for the surgery.

In the surgical area at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland, Cooper, her daughters, and her friend stayed in a private patient room until time for surgery.

“Everyone who was going to help with my procedure poked their head in my room so I could meet them,” she said. “I felt very relieved and knew I was in good hands.”

During the four-hour, minimally invasive procedure, Dr. Sequeira removed the tumor, which was high up under the liver near her diaphragm. “I stayed in the hospital four nights, and they were wonderful at finding just the right medication to control my pain,” Cooper said. “As I recovered at home, I felt great. I had energy that wasn’t there before, and I have a lot more now.”

“Everything else is normal,” Cooper said. “I am 100 percent symptom free! My blood pressure is textbook perfect! My sugar levels are perfect! I have very little scarring. I know I still have to take it easy, but I feel great. I used to always feel too warm, but now my kids laugh because I wear socks and hoodies. I leave my hair down. I’m excited about enjoying myself this summer.”

Cooper is very happy with the level of care she received at MyMichigan. “I moved from a small community and found such compassion here!” she said. “I couldn’t ask for a better place or anyone better to take care of me.”



General and Endocrine Surgeon Melwyn Sequeira, M.D., and Endocrinologist Sujay Madduri, M.D., are currently accepting new patients with a referral from a primary care provider. Those who would like referral assistance may contact Dr. Sequeira’s office at (989) 839-1795 and Dr. Madduri’s office at (989) 488-5850.

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