Family Medicine

Family medicine providers specialize in providing basic healthcare for patients of all ages, often including all members of a family. They serve as a first point of contact and home base for all your medical care and will coordinate appointments with specialists when needed.

You can count on your family provider to:

  • Learn about you, your family, your life, and your health goals
  • Take care of you, when you are healthy or sick
  • Recommend vaccines and provide care based on research
  • Schedule appointments with specialists when you need them
  • Share medical information with other care providers so they can plan your care together
  • Explain things so it is easy to understand
  • Listen to your questions and worries
  • Help you make decisions so you can take better care of yourself

Please contact your primary care provider before you see someone else for care. They often have same-day appointments set aside to quickly care for you and will help you determine whether you need to be seen in their office or refer you to more specialized care if needed.

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