Testimonials: Incontinence

Victoria Small, Incontinence Patient

Free from Worry, She's Finally Living Life to the Fullest

Victoria Small

Fitness Enthusiast, Mother and InterStim Therapy Patient

"My life is so much better now than it was before! I'm back in the swing and living my life!"

Walking, Not Running, Thanks to Innovative Treatment

Tracey Beadle - Harrison, MI

City Clerk, Mom and BOTOX Therapy Patient

"There has been no downside at all. Mom was right. It changed my life!"

Patricia Sibbald, Incontinence Patient

Procedure Gave Her Newfound Freedom and Her Life Back

Patricia Sibbald - Midland, MI

Wife, Fitness Enthusiast, Sheltie Dog Lover and Surgery Patient

"It's such a relief not to be uncomfortable and to be able to move around and do anything I want to do. I feel wonderful!"

Sue Myers, Incontinence Patient

New Procedure Provides Freedom After Forty Years of Pain

Sue Myers - Midland, MI

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Hair Stylist, Farmer and InterStim Therapy Patient

"I'm living normally now … It’s a huge relief to be free of the medicines and the side effects."