Frequently Asked Questions About Web Nursery

What if I can't find the photo I am looking for?

It typically takes one to two business days after the birth for Web Nursery photos to appear. If a baby photo does not appear within two business days, please check the following:

  • Spellings of names may vary. If you searched for a baby by name, you might try searching a different way, such as by birthdate or parent's name.
  • To protect patient privacy, we only post photos with signed consent from the baby's parents. You may want to confirm with the baby's parents whether they elected to participate in the program by signing a baby photo consent form.
  • If you still suspect that a photo is missing, please contact the MyMichigan Webmaster or have the baby's parents make contact. We will need to know the mother's full name and baby's date of birth in order to follow up. Other information that may be helpful to know is the baby's gender and a description of the outfit the baby was wearing in the photo.
  • This Web Nursery includes babies born at our Medical Centers in Clare and Midland from 2003 to the present and in Alma beginning in June 2015. Babies born prior to June 2015 at MyMichigan Medical Center Alma may be found at

Why does it take 1 to 2 business days to post Web Nursery photos?

We understand that loved ones are eager to see the baby photo as soon as possible. Like the babies themselves, we hope you'll find that our Web Nursery photos are "worth the wait."

  • Patient care is our first priority. We take baby photos at times when staff are less busy with medical procedures and after mom and baby have had a chance to rest and bond. The baby may also be scheduled for important health screenings or other procedures that take priority over photos.
  • Our Web Nursery photos are special keepsakes that families can treasure for a lifetime. We aim for a time when babies are more awake and alert, and we take time to dress the baby in a special outfit, style the hair and color coordinate the background.
  • We respect patient privacy. Baby photos require signed parental consent and must be tagged with the appropriate patient data and birth statistics before uploading. We may use specialized data entry staff, who typically work weekdays, to help with these tasks.

How do I download my baby's photo?

To download baby's photo, go to the baby's profile page and click the "enlarge this photo" link. This will open a larger photo in a new window. Right-click the larger photo and choose "Save File As" to save the photo to your computer. Note that you may have to change your pop-up blocker settings to view the larger photo. This file is suitable for printing up to 8x10” without losing image quality. You can print it at home, take it to a local store that does photo processing, or upload to your favorite photo ordering website.

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