Going Home

Dad With BabyCompleting Necessary Forms

Before you go home, we will help you provide information for your baby’s official birth certificate. You may also be invited to fill out forms to receive a Social Security Number for your little one. To complete these forms, please have your Social Security Number, your spouse’s or significant other’s Social Security Number and your driver’s license number available.

You will receive a copy of the baby’s birth certificate by mail from the County Clerk. Notification of your newborn’s Social Security Number will also be mailed to your home. Additionally, you will be given an unofficial registration of birth for your scrapbook.

Enrolling Your Baby in a Health Plan

Most health insurance companies require a new dependent to be registered on your plan. The process for registering your newborn for insurance varies. To find out what is required for adding a dependent, call your insurance carrier or employer. Please keep in mind that this process typically must be handled within 31 days of your baby’s birth, or you may lose the opportunity to add the child to your coverage.

Hospital Discharge

Based on your medical condition, you and your physician will determine when it’s time for you to return home. If our Maternity Center is exceptionally busy, you may be asked to move to another room after 24 hours. Before mothers leave the hospital, nurses review basic care information for newborns – from treating the baby’s umbilical cord to feeding to achieving an acceptable sleep schedule.

Breastfeeding Counselors

Our certified breastfeeding counselors provide education, support and follow-up telephone calls to mothers who have delivered at MyMichigan's Medical Centers and have questions regarding feeding. You may call our counselors any time at (989) 839-3055 for Midland, or (989) 466-3204 for Alma.

Phototherapy and Home Nursing

Other services are available to help you with your first few days at home. MyMichigan Home Care has nurses and home health aides who can come right to your home if needed for help with your newborn, his or her siblings, or a sick child.

In addition, MyMichigan Home Care features in-home phototherapy services, a treatment program for infants with jaundice. To learn more, call MyMichigan Home Care at (989) 839-1773 or toll free (800) 862-5002.

Newborn Parenting GroupNewborn Parenting Group

Our Newborn Parenting Group helps you enjoy the emotional support of other new parents. Guided discussions address the specific questions of group members as they adjust to their new lives with babies. These sessions are designed to discuss issues ranging from birth to three months of age. Call MyMichigan Health Line at (989) 839-8400 or toll free (800) 999-3199 for more information about the Newborn Parenting Group.

And of course, don’t forget to bring your new little one along!

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