Maternity: Twelve Reasons To Room-In With Your Baby  

  1. Maternity: Mom with BabyMothers report that they rest better when baby is with them.
  2. Mothers and babies learn to synchronize their waking and sleeping patterns.
  3. Mother's presence helps the newborn adjust to life outside of the womb.
  4. Parents have more opportunities to practice new skills and feel more comfortable caring for the baby at home.
  5. Allow parents to become better acquainted with their new baby's personality and needs. Improves early attachment and bonding.
  6. Babies feed better. Their suction is four times stronger and they are half as likely to have difficulty swallowing.
  7. Babies' temperature, heart rate and breathing become more stable after birth sooner. Blood pressure is lower when babies were with their mother.
  8. Babies had significantly more quiet sleep.
  9. Infants cry 10-12 times less and startle twelve times less often. Prevention of crying during early newborn adaptation may be very important to infant's later development.
  10. More parental contact after birth helps baby develop social and language skills.
  11. Important for breastfeeding-Mother responds to baby's early signs of hunger, and her milk produces faster.
  12. Mothers are more satisfied and feel more competent in their skills with bedside teaching.

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