Security for Your Newborn

Kerlin Family in the Maternity UnitProtecting Your Little One  

To ensure that mothers, families and newborns remain comfortable in a secure environment:

  • Our maternity centers have limited access and monitor all internal activity.
  • Mothers and their babies and support persons have matching wrist identification tags to prevent identity confusion.

Our staff will review additional security measures with you and your family during your stay. Most important:

  • Never leave your baby unattended at any time – not even to take a shower.
  • Never allow the baby to leave with anyone who does not have a name badge and full identification. If you are unsure about someone, please contact a nurse by using your call button.
  • You should also feel free to accompany your baby wherever he or she goes.

Security in Our Web Nursery  

  • We only place baby photos in our online Web Nursery with written parental consent. Our staff will discuss important security measures and address any concerns before you give consent.
  • To protect your privacy and prevent strangers from identifying your address, we do not use any last names in the Web Nursery.

Safety when Returning Home

  • We do not recommend placing a birth announcement in the newspaper, because the publication of your last name and city of residence may allow a stranger to determine your address. 
  • We also don't recommend posting signs or balloons outside your home announcing the birth or welcome of a newborn.
  • Instead, we recommend mailing birth announcements directly to friends and family, or sending them a link to your baby's Web Nursery page.
  • Our staff would be happy to answer your questions or concerns about appropriate security measures.

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