• Mary and her son at MidMichigan Health Park - Bay.

    My Go-To Place to Feel Right at Home

    "The entire staff is outstanding, and my doctor really takes time to listen and explain things."

    Mary's Story

  • Photo of avid outdoorsman, radio talk show host and bariatic surgery patient with MidMichigan Health, Mike Avery.

    My Go-To Place for Bariatric Surgery

    "The surgery was minor and I was back in the recording studio a week later."

    Mike's Story

  • Photo of Bill Diem (and his wife Andrea), Hip Replacement patient.

    My Go-To Place for Orthopedic Care Close to Home

    "I know from experience that our local hospital is safe, top-notch and filled with caring staff."

    Bill's Story

  • Jon Gunderson, heart patient, standing in front of Emergency Department in Alpena

    My Go-To Place for Excellent Heart Care.

    "Everyone was caring and attentive. We're fortunate to have such a wonderful heart program in Alpena and in Midland."

    Jon's Story

  • Woman Using MyMidMichigan on her smart phone in her kitchen

    My Go-To Place for Virtual Care

    "I can book appointments, view my test results online, message my doctor, pay bills with just a few clicks."

    Anne's Story

What it Means to Have a Go-To Place

go-to (ˈgō-ˌtü )


  1. Relied on and regularly turned to for expert knowledge, skill, or performance, esp. at a crucial time.
  2. Regularly or repeatedly chosen or employed for reliably good results. 
  3. Popularly visited. The best place to get a particular thing or service.


  1. The best or most appropriate person to be contacted for a specific reason or purpose.
  2. Someone whom you depend upon.

"MyMichigan is my go-to place because they've got what I need every step of the way. It's my go-to for when I'm feeling sick and want to get better quick. Or when I'm healthy and want to stay that way. It's where I go for routine visits and when I need more specialized care. It's the place that starts right here in my local community and stretches all the way to Ann Arbor, with hundreds of doctors, state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology ready to go when I need them. They're my go-to team that I can count on to get me to the place I wanna be!"  

Patient Videos: MidMichigan is My Go-To Place