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    Gamma Knife Stopped Her Facial Nerve Pain

    "They told me I was going to have 192 beams shoot at my nerve and it was going to take away my pain. It worked. I'm pain free."

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    Another Option to Open Brain Surgery

    "I want more people to know there’s another choice besides open brain surgery. Their lives and hearing are at stake."

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Gamma Knife Surgery Offers New Hope

The Gamma Knife® PerfexionTM surgery at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland is a revolutionary device that uses highly targeted radiation to treat brain conditions such as:

Gamma Knife surgery treats both benign (non cancerous) and malignant (cancerous) brain tumors - including multiple metastases.

Gamma Knife is safer than open craniotomy and more precise than any other radiosurgery device including CyberKnife®. Gamma Knife Perfexion is offering new hope, less risk and quicker recovery to thousands of patients around the world.

How Does Gamma Knife Surgery Work?

MyMichigan's Gamma Knife uses computerized data from imaging tests, such as CT scans, MRIs or arteriograms to pinpoint problem areas within the brain and destroy them using multiple beams of gamma radiation.

Each beam emanates from a different location so that tissue along the route to the lesion receives only a harmless, low-dose beam. Together, the gamma beams (192 in all) converge to produce a high dose of radiation at the exact site of the lesion. Thus, the Gamma Knife "cuts" deep into the brain without using a scalpel at all (See detailed drawing, PDF 271KB).

Proven Safety

Developed more than 40 years ago in Sweden, Gamma Knife surgery has become more refined as software and technology has improved. More than 800,000 patients have undergone the procedure worldwide. Gamma Knife patients require no general anesthesia, and because it is noninvasive, there is negligible risk of infection or hemorrhage.

Additionally, the technology's submillimeter accuracy avoids damage to surrounding tissues and minimizes radiation exposure to other areas of the brain.

Proven Effectiveness

There is a large and growing body of medical literature supporting the effectiveness of Gamma Knife surgery. As a result, it is recognized worldwide as an excellent treatment option for many types of brain tumors and brain abnormalities.

Because of its recognized effectiveness, Gamma Knife surgery is generally covered by most insurance plans and is not considered experimental.

Providing New Hope

Gamma Knife surgery performed in Midland, Michigan offers new hope for many patients for whom traditional brain surgery or radiation is not an option. For example, MyMichigan's Gamma Knife Perfexion can treat problems that are:

  • Deep in the brain
  • Close to arteries, nerves or other vital structures
  • In multiple locations in the brain (metastases)
  • In patients with medical conditions that would make traditional surgery risky - or impossible

Gamma Knife® is a registered trademark and PerfexionTM is a trademark of Elekta Group.
CyberKnife® is a registered trademark of Accuray Incorporate

The MyMichigan Difference

  • MyMichigan Medical Center Midland is a leader in neuroscience and cancer care in the state of Michigan.
  • MyMichigan Health's Gamma Knife Perfexion is the only machine of its kind in Michigan.
  • Our board-certified neurosurgeons and radiation oncologists are specially trained and experienced in Gamma Knife radiosurgery.
  • Our Gamma Knife Staff will serve as your personal guide, walking you and your family through each step of the treatment process.
  • MyMichigan Health is located in Midland, Michigan, a safe and friendly suburban community with easy highway and airport access. It is conveniently located for patients in Michigan and the mid-west.
  • MyMichigan Health provides hospitality services for Gamma Knife patients including lodging and other amenities. Maps and driving directions are also available.
  • We work with your physician throughout the evaluation and treatment process, and will continue to be available for consultation with your physician during your follow-up care.

Is Gamma Knife Right for You?

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Gamma Knife treats brain conditions with pinpoint accuracy that surgical interventions can’t match. Call our Gamma Knife office to arrange a no-obligation personalized review of your case. Our Gamma Knife Staff can also answer your questions about costs and insurance, treatment, transportation and lodging.

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