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Children's Storybook Grandpa's Crooked Smile Teaches Warning Signs of Stroke

Grandpa’s Crooked Smile: A Story of Stroke Survival is a heart-warming story that helps young children and their families learn what to do if someone they love has a stroke.

The main character of this fictional book is a little boy whose grandpa has a stroke. As he shares his experience, children learn what a stroke is; how it may affect a person’s movement, speech and other abilities; and how relationships may change but can also be strengthened when someone in the family has a stroke. The boy’s relationship with his grandfather comes full circle as he realizes that despite some changes in Grandpa’s abilities, he is still the boy’s beloved best friend.

The book was developed by MyMichigan Health as part of a community-wide stroke education campaign called, “Smile, Reach, Speech.” Written by Barbara Reeves and illustrated by nationally-syndicated cartoonist Peter Sinclair, both of Midland, the book was funded by a grant from the Charles J. Strosacker Foundation.

Interactive E-Book

Kids and parents can flip through the e-book and read together at their own pace.

Read the Book Online

Video: Read-aloud Version

Designed for children who are not yet reading on their own, this video read-aloud version is narrated by local radio personality Jerry O'Donnell.

Copyright Permissions

© 2007-2011, MyMichigan Health. Some Rights Reserved. Non-commercial users are welcome to use or distribute the online or print version of this book for educational purposes only. The book must be distributed in its entirety and attributed to MyMichigan Health. No derivative works are allowed.

The print edition of the book is available to Michigan schools and libraries free of charge. Non-profit organizations that are interested in printing copies of the book for distribution in other communities may contact MyMichigan Health's Marketing Dept. at (800) 999-3199 or by e-mail for more information.

Library Catalog Information

Title: Grandpa’s Crooked Smile: A Story of Stroke Survival
Author: Barbara Reeves
Illustrator: Peter Sinclair
Developed by MyMichigan Health
Funded by a grant from the Charles J. Strosacker Foundation.
Publisher: Aardvark Global Publishing, © 2007, MyMichigan Health.
Recommended Ages: 4 to 6
Educational Themes: Stroke symptoms and warning signs, after affects of a stroke, responding to an emergency, dialing 911, family and relationships
Literary Categories: Children’s fiction; health--stroke
"My Grandpa is my best friend. After Grandpa had a stroke, mom taught me the Smile-Reach-Speech Test. It's an easy way to know if someone may be having a stroke and that you should call 911 right away. I'm glad that's what we did because now Grandpa and I are back to doing fun stuff together."

Anyone can have a stroke. Grandpa's Crooked Smile includes games and activities to help your whole family learn the Smile-Reach-Speech Test, which can save lives and prevent disability. Knowing what to do in an emergency is just as important as learning to whistle or catch a ball. It's easy to learn. Just ask Grandpa.