Don Daroci, Hip Replacement Patient

Don Daroci - Roscommon, MI

"My experience was just exceptional all the way around. Considering my age, I think I’ll be able to live a pretty active life again."

Advanced Hip Replacement Made His Recovery Easier

Donald Daroci loves the peaceful beauty of living close to nature in Roscommon. But last spring, he wasn’t able to enjoy it very much because of aches and pains in his left leg.

“I couldn’t walk very far and was just unable to function normally,” said Don, a former roofer who retired nine years ago. “I used to hunt and fish, but I was down to doing practically nothing. I could barely walk the 60 or 70 feet out to my mailbox. I couldn’t mow the lawn, even on my riding mower.”

Two years ago, Don had his right hip replaced by Orthopedic Surgeon James Ware, D.O. Once again, he called Dr. Ware, who used X-rays to determined that the left hip now needed replacing. “Dr. Ware was very thorough. He explained everything and went through X-rays, an MRI, every test needed to prepare for the surgery.”

Anterior Hip Replacement in Clare

For both of Don’s hip surgeries, Dr. Ware used anterior hip replacement, which makes recovery easier and faster by allowing more surgical precision and preserving muscle. A special operating table, a Hana® table, holds the patient in the correct position during the procedure.

MyMichigan Medical Centers in Alma, Clare and Midland offer anterior hip replacement. Two years ago, Don had the surgery at the Medical Center in Alma. This time he was able to have it even closer to home in Clare. “I like having the Medical Center in Clare,” he said. “Being thirty miles closer makes a difference, especially in the winter.”

Don had been to Joint Camp with his first hip surgery and knew how to get started with recovery; be safe at home using a walker, crutches and other devices; and transfer safely to and from bed.

“They determined that I remembered everything I needed,” he said. “I knew what I was getting into, and the second hip replacement seemed like nothing,” he said. “After surgery, I was off my feet for three days and then used a walker for a couple of days at home.”

Once home, visits by a nurse and therapist from MyMichigan Home Care got him moving toward successful recovery. Within five days of surgery he was walking without aid.

An Exceptional Experience

Don was very pleased with both his inpatient care and follow-up. “My experience was just exceptional all the way around,” he said. “The care at both hospitals was outstanding, and I have nothing but praise for Dr. Ware. I would highly recommend him.”

Don said Dr. Ware came to see him often in the hospital and called to see how he was doing shortly after he came home. “At my first follow-up appointment, he took X-rays and told me things were going great,” he said. “We set up my next appointment at his office in MyMichigan Health Park Houghton Lake. That way I don’t have to drive as far, which I think is outstanding.”

About six weeks after his procedure, Don reported that he was doing quite well. In fact, just 12 days after surgery, he was able to care for his wife when she came home from a hospitalization that started while he was still at the Medical Center in Clare.

Don stressed that recovery from hip replacement surgery is up to the individual. “I’m doing a lot of walking and ordinary activities, with some exercise – mostly just normal living,” he said. “I still have a little soreness with the healing incision, but it’s going away more every day. I have no joint pain right now, just a little tightness. Considering my age, I think I’ll be able to live a pretty active life again.”

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