Jodi Harbron, Joint Camp Patient

Jodi Harbron - Midland, MI

"After my hip replacement, I was very pleased with Joint Camp. I'm back to doing everything I was before, but now I'm pain free."

Joint Camp Helped Her Get Back to Work Quickly and Free From Pain

Constant pain was cramping Jodi Harbron’s lifestyle and livelihood.

“I had been dealing with pain in my hip for more than two years,” Jodi said. “The pain kept getting worse until I was at the point where I couldn’t walk for more than five or 10 minutes.”

As a realtor, Jodi shows houses to clients for a good part of each day.

“I was in agony simply from going up and down stairs, getting in and out of the car and being on my feet,” she said.

The pain changed her entire life.

“I’ve been riding horses for 40 years,” she said. “I couldn’t get on or off a horse with the pain. Shopping wasn’t fun anymore and the constant pain and aching made it difficult to sleep through the night.”

Jodi consulted with Gary Smith, M.D., her family doctor.

“He was surprised when he found arthritis,” Jodi said. “Apparently some trauma at some point in my life caused arthritis in that joint and it got more and more painful. I tried to control the condition with medications, but they didn’t help.”

Dr. Smith referred Jodi to Orthopedic Surgeon Mark Goethe, M.D.

Dr. Goethe decided 47-year-old Jodi would be a good candidate for the Birmingham Hip™ resurfacing system -- an alternative to total hip replacement that can enable younger patients with painful, damaged hips to return to an active life.

“I liked that the Birmingham hip doesn’t carry as many restrictions and they don’t have to take as much bone,” Jodi said.

“In my pre-surgery meeting, I was given exercises to do that would build up my leg strength, and was told what to expect before and after surgery, and how to make temporary adjustments at home,” Jodi said. “Dr. Goethe warned me I’d be the youngest person at Joint Camp.”

Jodi had surgery on her left hip on Monday, November 16.

“I got out of bed Wednesday and went to Joint Camp twice, and went twice on Thursday,” she said. “The first day, it was hard to move my leg and there was a lot of pain, but it was a different kind of pain. I was surprised at how all that constant pain I had been living with was just gone. By the time I left on Thursday, I was feeling better and could get around with the walker. From then it got better every day.”

Jodi continued to do her exercises at home and was soon walking without a walker or even a cane. Less than one month after her surgery, she was back at work.

“Initially, I did everything slower,” Jodi said. “I starting walking, adding a little more every day. The only thing I really needed help for was tying my shoes.”

Jodi added that it was helpful to know ahead of time that Joint Camp would be part of the recovery process.

“It was nice to hear other patients’ stories – it wasn’t the first time at Joint Camp for some of them, and I found them inspiring,” Jodi said. “The nurses were great. They encouraged me but didn’t push me to do more than I could do at any particular time.

“I was very pleased with Joint Camp,” Jodi said. “More than anything, I was surprised at how the constant pain I had been living with is just gone. I’m back to doing everything I was doing before, but now I’m pain free!” 





MyMichigan Medical Center Midland is the only tri-city hospital to offer Joint Camp–a unique program that offers faster recovery times, higher patient satisfaction, lower risk of infection and improved clinical outcomes. If you need a total hip, knee or shoulder replacement, attend one of our free classes or ask your doctor for a referral to MyMichigan. For more information, visit our Joint Camp page.

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