Scott Biggs, Hip Replacement Patient

Scott Biggs - Midland, MI

"This has been a life-changing transformation. I am pain free. You wouldn’t know I’ve had these surgeries unless I told you. Both feel like natural hips."

With New Hips, He Runs Pain Free for the First Time

Midlander Scott Biggs, 39, never played sports. When he was in school, doctors said being active would further damage his severely arthritic hips. The downstate specialists he saw for years always told him he was too young for hip replacements.

Eight years ago, all that changed when technology caught up with Scott’s problem. Today, both hips replaced with titanium implants, he is a member of Tri City Cyclists bicycling club, logging more than 1,200 miles on the road and 780 on trails last year.

Scott heard that the new, sturdier hips were available in 2000 and consulted David Bortel, M.D. The board-certified Midland orthopedist is fellowship trained in nonconventional joint replacements, including implants made of new materials.

Dr. Bortel replaced Scott’s left hip in 2001. “Scott was one of the first patients in Michigan to receive a contemporary, uncemented implant with a metal-on-metal bearing,” said Dr. Bortel. By using a longer post with the implant, Dr. Bortel also lengthened Scott’s left leg, which was shorter than his right.

In 2005, Scott returned to Dr. Bortel to receive a new right hip, an updated version of the first implant with a larger ball that gives Scott the highest range of motion available.

Both surgeries took place at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland. While the second recovery was easier than the first, Scott attended Joint Camp and was back to work in two weeks each time. “Dr. Bortel is a great doctor and a great guy. I would recommend him, and have done so several times,” said Scott. “The nurses who cared for me not only did a great job, they knew me by name when I came back a year later.”

“This has been a life-changing transformation,” said Scott. “I am pain free. You wouldn’t know I’ve had these surgeries unless I told you. Both feel like natural hips. I can go for it. I can play outside with my three kids,” he said. “About two years ago, my daughter was egging me on, telling me I couldn’t catch her. When I took off after her, it surprised us both. It was the first time I ever ran pain free.”



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