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Testimonials: Foot and Ankle Pain

Photo of John Warren, orthopedic ankle replacement surgery patient, standing on the golf course holding a golf pin flag.

Ankle Replacement Surgery Allowed Him to Return to His Active Lifestyle

John Warren - Midland, MI

Husband, Travel Enthusiast and Avid Golfer

"Everyone involved in my surgery and recovery was great, and my ankle feels strong again. Today, I'm able to golf, travel and enjoy the activities I love."

Theresa O'Keefe, Orthopedic Surgery Patient

Expert Surgery and Care Kept an Ordinary Fall From Changing Her Life

Theresa O'Keefe - Midland, MI

Registered Nurse, Grandmother and Orthopedic Surgery Patient

"If I hadn't been properly diagnosed and treated, and followed my doctor's advice, my foot could have given out on me."

Cheryl Jerry, Orthopedic Surgery Patient

Complex Foot Surgery was "Absolutely Worth It"

Cheryl Jerry - St. Louis, MI

Science Teacher and Orthopedic Surgery Patient

"The surgery was pretty extensive, but it was handled smoothly and efficiently. It was what I needed to have done, and after years of pain, it was definitely worth it."

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