Evelyn Crabtree, Joint Camp Participant

Evelyn Crabtree - Alma, MI

"What impressed me the most was how caring and compassionate everyone was the whole time I was there."

Joint Camp Helped Put Her At Ease For Surgery

Evelyn Crabtree was prepared for her hip replacement at MyMichigan Medical Center Alma. She’d done the research, spoken with her doctor and knew exactly what to expect. What she wasn't prepared for was the number of people who would be involved in her care before, during and after the surgery. Crabtree says she was "amazed."

Her experience started when she attended Joint Camp, a unique program at MyMichigan Health, as soon as her surgery was scheduled. Crabtree met several other patients who would also be undergoing hip and knee replacements. Joint Camp includes education on what to expect during your hip, knee or ankle replacement, and staff members demonstrate exercises patients should do prior to surgery to help with recovery.

On the day of Crabtree's surgery, she admits that she was experiencing a high level of anxiety. Thankfully, the nurse who prepped her for surgery was sensitive to Crabtree's feelings, and helped to calm her down. "By the time I was taken to the operating room, I was much less fearful," she said.

Crabtree's hip replacement was performed by Orthopedic Surgeon James Ware, D.O. using the anterior hip approach. After a successful surgery, she was moved to the surgical recovery floor in the Joint Camp wing of the Medical Center.

"The staff did everything possible to make me feel comfortable and safe," Crabtree said. "After surgery, my blood pressure was a little too low for me to be sent to a room, so a nurse stayed with me and monitored me constantly until I was able to be released. The nurses and nurse aids even added warm blankets to my bed when I was cold."

After a joint replacement surgery, one of the first priorities is to get the patient up, dressed and moving as soon as possible. Crabtree was visited by physical therapists and occupational therapists on the day after her surgery. "The physical therapist worked with me on leg exercises, and an occupational therapist reviewed with me the things I needed to do once I returned home. I learned how to navigate the stairs, manage trips to the bathroom and keep my legs moving even when I was in bed."

Crabtree says she's making steady progress every day, and is thankful to be mobile again after her surgery.

"What impressed me the most during my stay at the Medical Center was how caring and compassionate everyone was the whole time I was there – even under the intensity of their schedules. I had no idea there were so many people involved in caring for a single patient, and cannot express my admiration and appreciation enough for these incredible people."

Joint Camp is a special approach to hip, knee or shoulder replacement offered at MyMichigan Medical Centers in Alma and Midland. The specialized care and patient camaraderie in this program have led to faster recovery times, higher patient satisfaction, lower risk of infection and improved clinical outcomes. Those who would like more information may visit www.mymichigan.org/jointcamp.

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