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Photo of Lorrain Banchoff, robotics-assisted knee replacement patient, standing with her horse.

Lorraine Banchoff - Beaverton, MI

"After having a hip replacement and robotics-assisted knee surgery, I’m back in the saddle again. I credit my speedy recovery to my surgical team and my specialized physical therapy.”

Back in the Saddle Again After Robotics-Assisted Knee Replacement

Avid horseback rider Lorraine Banchoff suffered a right knee injury more than a decade ago, but decided to postpone having surgery to avoid having to take a break from her favorite past time. Unfortunately, over time, the pain in her right knee became unmanageable and she was unable to ignore the inevitable. When she began experiencing severe pain in her left hip as well, she decided to schedule an appointment with Orthopedic Surgeon Mark Goethe, M.D.

Lorraine chose Dr. Goethe because she had an excellent experience with him previously for a broken elbow. “He did a great job with me then, and I wanted to see someone who knew me and was familiar with my lifestyle and goals,” she said. The X-rays revealed that Lorraine’s left hip was overcompensating for her right knee, and now both needed to be replaced. When discussing options, Dr. Goethe told Lorraine that she would be a great candidate for a new robotics-assisted knee replacement procedure.

“Dr. Goethe knew that my goal was to get back to riding as quickly as possible,” said Lorraine. “He knew that the robotics-assisted procedure would allow a quicker recovery. We started with my hip replacement first then my knee using this new approach.”

“Our new CORITM Surgical System allows us to create a customized 3D digital model of a patient’s knee,” said Dr. Goethe. “Having this three-dimensional view helps us finalize and verify the selection of the patient’s knee implant and create a plan for their surgery without the need for either a CT scan or MRI. It also helps us achieve more accurate positioning of the knee implant based on the patient’s unique anatomy.”

For both procedures, Lorraine is very pleased with the results. “I am so happy that I’m healing quickly and already able to ride again,” she said. “Horses are my passion and I don’t know what I would do if I had to give up the thing I love so much.”

Lorraine also credits her speedy recovery to the specialized physical therapy she received at MyMichigan’s Rehabilitation Services location in Beaverton. “I requested and worked closely with Physical Therapist Jessica Sullivan,” she said. “Jessica also rides horses and tailored my rehab knowing that my goals included getting back on my horse. She knew what muscle groups to focus on strengthening and how to get me there. After six weeks of hard work and doing my exercises at home, Jessica said ‘you’re ready.’ That was music to my ears!”

Lorraine is now preparing to return to her job as an emergency department nurse and playing an active role in her grandchildren’s 4H programs. Based on how good she feels today, she said she would definitely not recommend putting off the inevitable. And after being both an orthopedic and rehabilitation services patient herself, she would highly recommend MyMichigan Health . “I would give the orthopedic and rehab staffs in Midland and Beaverton an excellent rating,” she said. “They were knowledgeable, encouraging and worked with me on treatment options specific to my goals. I was part of the decision-making process at each stage, and now I’m able to do the thing I love most pain free.”

CORITM is a trademark of Smith+Nephew.

Those who would like more information about robotics-assisted knee replacement surgery may visit www.mymichigan.org/roboticskneesurgery. More information on MyMichigan’s rehabilitation services is available at www.mymichigan.org/rehab.

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