Stanley Dulaney, Knee Replacement Patient

Pastor Stanley Dulaney - Midland, MI

"I'm looking forward to being able to walk in the woods."

Enjoying Taking Photos with Three New Knees

Pastor Stanley Dulaney of Midland needed knee surgery, he knew just where he wanted to go for surgery and rehabilitation and who he wanted to operate – Joint Camp at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland and Orthopedic Surgeon David Bortel, M.D. How did he know? His wife, Kathleen, had already participated in Joint Camp when she had knee replacement surgeries in March and June 2013. Dr. Bortel did those surgeries for her. “I wanted that for myself,” Pastor Dulaney said.

Earlier this spring, his family physician ordered an X-ray of his knee because he was in such pain. That’s when the 65-year-old remembered that as a 17-year-old he had fallen down the basement steps and pushed his bone back into the socket. “It made a suction sound,” he said, and he’s pretty certain that injury is the reason his knee wore out. “After the X-ray came back, I asked my doctor if I could go see Dr. Bortel because he had replaced both of my wife’s knees.”

“We like Dr. Bortel and his staff. They are genuinely interested in you and show concern. They have your best interest in mind.”

Kathleen agrees and said that the physical therapists at MyMichigan Medical Center’s Joint Camp and Rehabilitation Services at MyMichigan Medical Offices Campus Ridge are other good reasons to go through Joint Camp. “I like the fact that the therapists are interested in how you are progressing. You are encouraged to be functioning right from the get-go,” Kathleen said.

Pastor Dulaney chimed in, “They encourage you to get moving right away. I liked it that they remembered me from when Kathleen was there for both of her knees. It was like old home week. They were smiling when we came in for me. We really got to know them and like them a lot. I was really impressed that they put us in a circle and everyone who had surgery worked together.”

The Dulaneys say that they are both doing very well post-knee surgery.

“I am a work in progress,” Kathleen said. She also had both feet operated on by Orthopedic Surgeon/Foot and Ankle Specialist Kent Biddinger, M.D. “It was a lot of wear and tear, but I really see everything improving,” she added. And she’s even back to doing some gardening.

The Dulaneys recently moved to Midland to a home with fewer steps than the farmhouse they had in Auburn. “We were thinking about the future and having a house on one level. Being close to their favorite hospital was also a plus in making the decision to move. “We really like the MyMichigan Medical Center and Joint Camp,” Pastor Dulaney said.

Pastor Dulaney was back in the pulpit at Family Baptist Church in Saginaw Township where he has been a pastor for 20 years just two weeks after his surgery on July 21. “They were all impressed that I am on a cane already. I taught Sunday School, and gave the message for morning service and the evening service,” he said, although he preached a lot of it from a chair.

Outside of Campus Ridge recently, Pastor Dulaney was taking photos of newly planted flowers. One of his hobbies is photography, and he talks enthusiastically about taking pictures of the view from the Mackinac Bridge when it is open for the Labor Day walk and birds and landscapes at the Chippewa Nature Center. “I’m looking forward to being able to walk in the woods out there,” he said.

But for both Dulaneys their favorite pastimes are their five children, 16 grandchildren and one great grandchild. They said that they baby sit, play with them and attend sporting events for soccer stars, football stars, volleyball stars and track stars. “We’re bleacher people again,” Kathleen said.

Between the couple who have been married 45 years, they only have one knee left that might someday need to be replaced. If it does, Pastor Dulaney said he will have it done at Joint Camp at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland. “I like that it’s a team effort with them. If you don’t do your part you’ll be in trouble. They encourage you to do what you need to do and it’s like we’re friends.”



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