Carol Moore Miller, Knee Replacement Patient

Carol Moore Miller - Midland, MI

"The whole experience of my joint replacement was better and easier than I expected. I would give MyMichigan Medical Center Midland a glowing recommendation."

Knee Replacement and Joint Camp Put Realtor Back on Her Feet

Midland Real Estate Agent Carol Moore Miller was glad she had joint replacement surgery for her failing knee in late January at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland. 

She wanted to have fun shopping in March for her daughter’s wedding dress and to hold her son’s new baby in May without worrying about a painful knee slowing her down or causing a fall. 

All the previous summer, while she weeded flowers and trimmed bushes, Carol had dragged a chair around the yard to rest her aching knee. In addition, showing houses, going up and down steps, caused it to hurt miserably.

“Because of degenerative arthritis, in a year’s time my right knee went from tolerable to intolerable,” Carol said. “When I heard a baby was coming and a wedding was coming, I knew I had to get my knee replaced.”

When Carol discovered that two friends were ready to have the same surgery, the three made plans to all be there at once. “We had each been to Joint Camp with previous knee replacements,” she said. “This time, we decided to go together and form a little support team.”

Carol checked into the Medical Center on a Tuesday in late January, where Orthopedic Surgeon Ben R. Mayne, III, M.D., performed the surgery. "The new areas of the hospital are just beautiful, and all of the patient rooms are single rooms,” she said. “I was very comfortable.”

When it was time for surgery, the anesthesiologist numbed Carol’s back and gave her spinal anesthesia, as well as a nerve block that numbed her leg.

“Their pain management was wonderful,” she said. “For my first knee, I was nauseated from the anesthetic, but they take care of that with medication now. With a few injections and some supplemental medication, I was not in much pain the entire time I was in the hospital. My friends said they had the same experience.”

For two days following surgery, Carol and her friends supported each other as they worked with physical therapists at Joint Camp. They were released from the hospital on Friday.

Six weeks of outpatient therapy followed, and before long, Carol was climbing stairs, walking the dog, and looking forward to riding her bike and getting fit again.

“The whole experience was better and easier than I expected,” she said. “The Medical Center just had a good team all the way around. One thing led into the next so smoothly, with great communication. When I pushed the button for a nurse, one was in touch with me in less than half a minute. I would give MyMichigan Medical Center Midland a glowing recommendation.”

This year is going to be especially important, and Carol doesn’t want to miss anything. “With my new knee, I can fit in and not be lagging behind,” she said. “The future looks lots better now.”



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