Testimonials: RehabCentre

Photo of Scott Callahan sitting his his wheelchair in a park on a sunny day.

Grateful for Incredible Therapists Who Help Him Manage His MS

Scott Callahan - Alpena, MI

Husband, Father, Avid Hunter & Fisherman, and Rehab Patient

“Over the years, I have worked with just about every therapist, and they are incredible. They are very upfront and clear, and they always offer options.”

Photo of Jay McDowell at CMU's Kelly/Shorts Stadium in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Personalized Care was Key on His Long Road to COVID Recovery

Jay McDowell - Alma, MI

Husband, Father, Sports Videographer and RehabCentre Patient

“I wasn’t expecting the level of care that I received from my local Medical Center. First-class doesn’t begin to describe it! They looked me right in the eyes and actually saw me – not a number or a patient – but me as a person. They saved my life.”

Darren Askevich, RehabCentre Patient

Rehabilitation Helped Him Recover From Chronic Neuropathy

Darren Askevich - Rhodes, MI

Machinist, Outdoor Enthusiast and RehabCentre Patient

"I swore up and down I was gonna walk out of that place, and I did it."

Cozann Hernandez, RehabCentre Patient

The RehabCentre Helped Her Overcome a Brain Hemmorhage

Cozann Hernandez - Mt. Pleasant, MI

Mother of Five and RehabCentre Patient

"They really helped me out to make me stronger."

Nelda Stuppia, RehabCentre Patient

The RehabCentre Helped Her Find Her Voice Again

Nelda Stuppia - Farwell, MI

Grandmother, Retired School Worker and RehabCentre Patient

"I had excellent care at the RehabCentre. Everybody treated me like I was their mother."

Ed Martin, RehabCentre Patient

With Determination and the Right Therapy Plan, Recovery is Possible

Ed Martin - Midland, MI

Husband, Father Grandfather, Stroke Survivor and RehabCentre Patient

"They are exceptional, compassionate people who take your interests to heart and really care about how you are doing."