Logan Chilman, student athlete and Rehabilitation Services patient.

Logan Chilman - Mt. Pleasant, MI

"Brian is great, he challenged me during PT, knowing I could handle it. He was huge in quickly getting me back to playing again. My experience with him was really outstanding."

Local Athlete Back on the Court After Injuries Sidelined Him

High school senior Logan Chilman recently committed to playing basketball for Mid Michigan College in the fall of 2020. The physical journey for this three-sport athlete has not always been easy though. A broken ankle, torn hamstring, and injured quadricep muscle throughout his high school athletic career made him a “regular” at MyMichigan’s Rehabilitation Services at MyMichigan Medical Center Mt. Pleasant. 

Logan’s most recent injury, a broken ankle, once again landed him under the care of Physical Therapist Brian Locke, D.P.T., A.T., C.S.C.S. After stepping on a teammate's foot during a basketball scrimmage in the winter, Logan thought he rolled his ankle. However, a trip to the emergency department revealed that his ankle was broken – news that a senior player with collegiate potential does not want to hear. 

“It was heartbreaking. We had a good football season and my teammates and I were looking forward to translating that success to basketball,” Logan said. “Basketball is my favorite sport. I had worked all summer and fall to get ready for my senior year so to have this injury happen during a scrimmage…It made me question if I’d be able to play again this year.” 

Thankfully, with the help of Locke and the rehabilitation team, Logan achieved full recovery in time to get back on the court for the remaining eight games of the regular season. 

After being in a cast and then a boot, Logan attended ten physical therapy sessions to rehabilitate his ankle. The sessions started with strengthening his quadriceps, hamstrings and hips. After establishing a foundation of strength, they slowly ramped up the movements and exercises and increased his range of motion. “We progressed Logan into some very dynamic and challenging activities in order to prepare him for return to sport,” added Locke. 

For Logan, the biggest challenge during physical therapy was not physical, but mental. Despite the knowledge that the bones were healed, he was still nervous to introduce quick movements like cutting and jumping.

Logan’s three experiences with rehabilitation services taught him a lot about the importance of learning the human body and how to properly train it in athletics and exercise. This included proper weightlifting form and stretching. 

After making a full speedy recovery, Logan is thankful for the physical therapy he received at MyMichigan Health. “Brian is great,” said Logan. He challenged me during PT, knowing I could handle it. He was huge in quickly getting me back to playing again. My experience with him was really outstanding.”

The goal of MyMichigan Health's Rehabilitation Services Program is to help patients achieve the highest possible degree of independence after an injury, illness or disability. Convenient appointments are offered in a variety of locations. Inpatient rehabilitation is also available for more complex conditions such as stroke, head injuries and spinal cord injuries. Those who would like more information may visit www.mymichigan.org/rehabilitation

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