SMART EquiTest at MyMichigan Medical Center Alma

The Importance of Good Balance

Balance is a key component of leading a healthy life. Balance problems can disrupt daily tasks, lead to an increased risk of falls, shorten attention spans, interrupt normal sleep patterns and cause excessive fatigue. Balance problems may be affecting the quality of your life. In fact, about one third of people age 65 and over reports difficulty with balance. Falls that may result from these balance problems are the leading cause of injury for people age 65 and over.

Many people will experience balance and dizziness problems in their lifetime, but when those dizziness and balance problem begin to affect your daily life, it may be time to seek help. Thankfully, balance treatment is now available close to home.

Treatment for Balance Disorders 

MyMichigan Medical Center Alma recently opened a comprehensive balance center staffed by medical professionals who are specially trained in the evaluation and treatment of balance disorders. This program combines several medical disciplines to ensure you receive a complete and thorough evaluation. Board certified neurologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists work together to determine treatment plans focused on improving the patient’s functional level and decreasing his or her dizziness or other symptoms.

MyMichigan Medical Center Alma’s balance program is different from others because we utilize highly specialized equipment designed to pinpoint balance and mobility problems, along with their causes.  Our staff uses the SMART EquiTest, a computerized dynamic balance assessment and treatment system. The SMART EquiTest is a detailed, six step, trial process designed to identify balance and mobility impairments. MyMichigan Medical Center Alma’s balance program is able to improve patient outcomes and restore quality of life to our patients.

Determine if you may be headed for a fall

If you answer yes to one or more of the following questions, you could be at risk:

  • Do you feel dizzy or unsteady if you make sudden changes in movement?
  • Have you fallen in the past year?
  • Do you have difficulty sitting down or rising from a seated or lying position?
  • Have you tried other programs and treatments for balance problems with no success?
  • Have you experienced a stroke or other neurological problem that may have affected your balance?

For More Information 

For more information about the balance program at MyMichigan Medical Center Alma, please call (989) 466–3275. To schedule a balance assessment, contact your doctor to request a physician order and then call to schedule an appointment.

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