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Sleep Disorders Labs

Diagnostic Testing for Sleep Disorders

If you show any symptoms of a sleep disorder contact one of our Sleep Clinics to schedule an appointment with one of our sleep specialists. Upon completion of your assessment they may refer you to a sleep lab for testing. Most health care insurance plans provide coverage for all or part of sleep testing and treatments for sleep disorders.

MyMichigan’s Sleep Labs are specialized medical facilities staffed by professionals experienced in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. The Sleep Labs blend the use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment with a caring atmosphere.

MyMichigan's Sleep Disorders Labs offers these tests:

Polysomnogram (PSG)

Photo of the Sleep Lab room, includes a bed, televesion and lounge chair.PSG is a noninvasive test used to diagnose sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome. Patients spend a night in the lab while surface electrodes placed on the head and other areas of the body  monitor their sleep. Audio-visual monitoring is also performed. Private rooms with full-size beds and other amenities help sleep lab patients feel at home.

Multiple Sleep Latency Tests (MSLT)

MSLT is a noninvasive test to diagnose narcolepsy. This test is usually performed the day after a PSG test. The patient takes five naps, which are monitored to see if the patient falls into rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. The presence of REM sleep in the daytime after a sufficient night’s sleep can indicate narcolepsy. 

Home Sleep Testing

A home sleep test is a limited sleep study performed in the home environment. This may be required by your insurance carrier.

What to Expect

Photo of a Sleep Lab Clinician preparing a patient for a sleep study.

Sensors are placed on the skin and attached by wires to monitoring devices. These painless sensors are applied temporarily with gauze and tape. The monitoring devices work while you sleep, continuously measuring and documenting your sleep patterns, breathing, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, eye movement, and brain and muscle activity.

The MyMichigan Difference

MyMichigan's Sleep Disorders Labs offer:

  • State-of-the-art monitoring and recording equipment, including digital EEG and video
  • Comfortable, private rooms that make patients feel at home so they can reproduce their usual sleep
  • Rooms feature full-size beds, not hospital beds and are handicap accessible
  • Physicians specializing in sleep disorders

Schedule an Appointment

For questions or to schedule a Sleep Clinic appointment:

  • For Sleep Clinics in Alma, Clare, Gladwin, Mt. Pleasant or Midland call (989) 839-3902
  • For the Alpena Sleep Clinic call (989) 356-7791

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