Amanda Wood and her husband, gynecological da Vinci Surgery Patient

Amanda Wood - Linwood, MI

"If someone is considering da Vinci surgery for issues like I had, I would tell them, ‘Just do it.’ I had no pain, no discomfort, no nothing. The scars are minimal. I feel like a million dollars!"

Her da Vinci® Surgery Stopped the Pain and She Felt Great Right Away

Amanda Wood of Midland was concerned about having a hysterectomy, even if it was done robotically. “After all, it was surgery,” said Wood, a mom of two who is a Patient Care Navigator with the Ambulatory Clinical Quality Group.

She immediately stopped worrying, though, when she woke up from the surgery, performed by Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Shawna Ruple, M.D., using a Da Vinci SI Surgical System at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland.

“It was crazy to wake up from surgery and … that was it! I felt just a little yucky from the anesthesia, but had no pain, no discomfort, no anything. I felt like a million dollars!” she said. “After 24 hours, I went home with pain medication, but I didn’t have to take it. The surgery was on Friday; on Saturday I even did a little shopping at Meijers.”

In addition to being a medical professional with her own history of difficult, painful gynecological issues, Wood knows other women who’ve had hysterectomies using non-robotic procedures.

“With the old way, there is an incision across the entire abdomen. You hear about people being down for a full six weeks, sore and in pain, and having a lot of difficulty getting up from a sitting position,” she said.

“With the da Vinci procedure, there are four small incisions on the left side of the abdomen and one on the right. The robot is so steady, it doesn’t jostle you while it’s doing the surgery,” Wood said. “My procedure took less than an hour, and I stayed in the Surgical Unit for just 24 hours. My scars were so minimal, they were already fading in just a few weeks.”

Wood praised Dr. Ruple’s skill and the care provided by the doctor and her staff, as well as the nurses at MyMichigan Medical Center Midland.

“Dr. Ruple is so personable with her patients, and she prepared my husband, Douglas, and me for the surgery so well,” Wood said. “In the patient tower, the nurses who checked me in and got me ready were great! In fact, everyone during my stay was beyond wonderful. I had some of the best care I’ve ever received,” she said.

Wood said her husband was very impressed when Dr. Ruple came out to the waiting room to talk to him after the surgery. “She explained everything so well that he understood exactly what happened and was able to tell me everything that went on,” Wood said.

She also praised the great follow-through provided by Dr. Ruple and her staff. “You almost feel like you know her very personally, rather than her just being your physician,” Wood said. “She gives you her phone number and tells you to call if there are any issues. And if you have any questions, the girls in her office get right back to you.”

Wood says she’s 100 percent back to normal. “Now I’m actually better than normal, because I have no pain every month,” she said. “Our family loves the outdoors, and it’s great to be active together without my pain and problems. We’re even saving money, because I don’t have to go to the ER or miss work. If someone is considering surgery for issues like I had, I would tell them, ‘Just do it.’”

®da Vinci is a registered trademark of Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

In addition to gynecologic procedures, MyMichigan offers a variety of minimally invasive procedures using da Vinci technology, such as gallbladder surgery and prostatectomy. For more information about the da Vinci system and a list of doctors who perform these procedures at MyMichigan, visit www.mymichigan.org/davinci.