Christine Brown, Ablation Patient

Christine Brown - Birch Run, MI

"Hysterectomy means weeks of recovery and restrictions, but with ablation, I was back to normal activities in a week."

She Didn't Have to Put Life on Hold for a Hysterectomy

When Christine Brown of Birch Run had heavy menstrual bleeding that wouldn’t let up, tests by her gynecologist, Cheryl Dwyer, D.O., showed a small fibroid in her uterus.

“I had wondered what was going on and thought I would need a hysterectomy,” Christine said. She knew something had to be done, but dreaded having major surgery with an abdominal incision. “I know women who’ve had a hysterectomy. They needed weeks of recovery and healing and had all kinds of restrictions.”

Christine didn’t want to put her life on hold for major surgery. She and her husband, Paul, stay busy raising three teenagers and running a home improvement business.

When Dr. Dwyer recommended a less-invasive approach, Christine was very interested. She learned that the procedure, endometrial ablation, used radiofrequency energy to reduce the lining of the uterus and therefore decrease menstrual blood loss. As an added benefit, Dr. Dwyer could perform it right in the office.

Dr. Dwyer said most patients are surprised to find their bleeding problem can be treated with a procedure that is simple, has little discomfort and allows quick recovery. Instead of going to the hospital, they come to her office, have the procedure, and go home. They love it.

“I’ve been with Dr. Dwyer’s practice for years and I trust her,” Christine said. “They really explain everything to you and make you feel comfortable. When I decided on the ablation procedure, I didn’t have to wait long for an appointment, and it went just the way she said it would go. I didn’t have any surprises.”

Christine’s husband drove her to the office for the 9:15 a.m. surgery, arriving about an hour ahead of time for Christine to receive medication for pain and light sedation. The procedure itself took only about five minutes. “I felt pressure while they were doing it, but no pain. To me it was nothing. It’s the shortest thing I’ve ever been through.”

She stayed about two hours for observation and before noon was back home in Birch Run, where she rested and slept. “The next day it was like nothing had ever happened,” she said. “I took it slow for three days and avoided heavy lifting for a week, then was back to normal.”

Christine had no bleeding at all following the procedure. She said there was a little the third week, but by the fourth week, there was none.

“To get rid of the weeks of heavy bleeding was a blessing, and the surgery took care of the tumor. I still have my ovaries, so I don’t have to worry about taking estrogen,” she said.

“For anybody who has a problem with bleeding and is looking into getting it taken care of, even if they have to travel to Midland like I did, I would definitely recommend Dr. Dwyer, her office and the endometrial ablation procedure.”

For more information about endometrial ablation procedures, talk to your doctor, or call Health Line at 800-999-3199 for referral to an obstetrician-gynecologist.

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