Matt Bartell, ER and Cardiovascular Services Patient

An Expert Team Helped Him Heal When an Emergency Visit Led to Bypass Surgery

Matt Bartell - Warren, MI

Project Manager, Father and ER/Cardiac Services Patient

"I was treated very well. The care was excellent."

Mike Sharkey, ER/Cardiac Services Patient

A Caring ER Team Rescued Him from a Sudden Heart Attack

Mike Sharkey - St. Louis, MI

Husband, Community Serviceman, and ER/Cardiac Services Patient

"You felt that the people working on you really cared...I felt very safe and secure in their hands."

Rebecca Hamilton, Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Participant

A Unique Outpatient Program Helped Her Regain a Healthy Mental Balance

Rebecca Hamilton - Lake Isabella, MI

Wife, Mother, Church Children's Director and Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Program Patient

"They give you the tools you need to manage anxiety and depression."

Harper Bartlett, ER Patient, and her mom, Kerry

A Mother's Intuition and ER Doctor Save Baby

Harper Bartlett - Carleton, MI

Emergency Services Patient with her mom, Kerry

"I feel so indebted to those doctors and nurses for saving my baby's life."

Sarah Phelps, Telemedicine Patient

Telemedicine Brings World-Class Care to Local Emergency Department

Sarah Phelps - Midland, MI

Mom, RN Case Manager, Stroke Survivor and Telemedicine Fan

"Telemedicine is the coolest new technology I have seen in a long time. To have that specialist right there with me when I need them was amazing."

Jean Moore, Sclerotherapy Patient

Her Painful Veins Faded Away after Sclerotherapy

Jean Moore - Saginaw, MI

Retired Educator, Active Retiree and Sclerotherapy Patient

"Dr. Shepich did a remarkable job. His entire staff is great. They made the whole process easy for me."

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