Jean Moore, Sclerotherapy Patient

Jean Moore - Saginaw, MI

"Dr. Shepich did a remarkable job. His entire staff is great. They made the whole process easy for me."

Her Painful Veins Faded Away after Sclerotherapy

Jean Moore knows firsthand that varicose veins can be painful. "When I finally decided to have something done about them, it was not a matter of cosmetics, it was because of the pain," she said.

Moore had been dealing with the varicose veins in both legs for the last 20 years. The retired educator said the pain was initially manageable. "I had occasional pain if I was standing a lot or did a lot of exercise," she said. "Later on, if my husband and I biked or walked, I had pain in both legs more often than not."

The active 75-year-old did not let pain slow her down. "It was never excruciating, but it was getting worse," she said. "I didn't let it stop me and over-the-counter pain relievers helped."

As time went on, and the pain became more severe and more frequent, Moore decided to seek help. She asked her doctor for a referral to General Surgeon and Wound Treatment Specialist James Shepich, M.D. "Dr. Shepich had taken care of my husband when he had varicose veins," she said.

Dr. Shepich used sclerotherapy to eliminate the varicose veins in Moore's legs. The treatment involves injecting a liquid chemical into the vein to cause irritation and scarring which in turn causes the vein to close off and fade away.

Moore underwent one outpatient procedure and six in-office procedures. "One of the veins was quite severe and I required general anesthetic but it was still day surgery," she said. "The rest of the procedures were all done in the office." The office procedures each lasted about 30 minutes.

"After the injections, I wore compression stockings for two weeks but there was no pain involved," she said. "The veins would turn a dark blue and then just fade away, like a bruise. In a couple of months, they were all gone."

Moore is delighted with her outcomes from the procedures. "It was definitely worth it," she said. "I can do long walk and bike rides and not have any pain. Plus, my legs look much better."

She is equally pleased with the ease of having multiple procedures done. "Dr. Shepich did a remarkable job," she said. "His entire staff is great. I never had to wait, they were always very professional, and always explained what they were doing. They made the entire process easy for me."

Those who would like more information about sclerotherapy, or who would like to inquire about becoming a patient of Dr. Shepich, may call his office at (989) 631-6710.