Carotid Ultrasound

This safe and painless procedure uses a transducer (a small, microphone-type device) to send high frequency sound waves to the arteries in the neck. The sound waves are then translated to a picture on a screen so the technologist can view the arteries and look for any blockage. A Doppler exam and Color Flow exam are also performed. This allows doctors to evaluate blood flow through the arteries to the brain. The technologist will videotape parts of the study for later diagnosis by the interpreting physician. Blood pressure in both arms will also be taken.

For this procedure you will be lying on your back. Both sides of your neck will be examined. Gel will be applied to your neck, one side at a time. The transducer will be moved around the area to view the arteries from different angles.


1 hour in the Cardiovascular Department


  •  Wear clothing that is loose around the neck
  •  There are no diet restrictions
  •  Please bring a list of medications

If you have questions about preparing for this test, call your doctor or MyMichigan's Cardiovascular Department at (989) 839-3570.

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