Digoxin Test Monitors Drug Therapy for Cardiac Patients

Also known as: therapeutic drug monitoring

Digoxin is a drug often prescribed for patients with congestive heart failure or certain kinds of dysrhythmias (abnormal heartbeats). If you are taking digoxin, your doctor may order regular digoxin blood tests to determine effective dosages and prevent toxicity.

Preparation and Procedure

  • You do not have to schedule a time for this test.
  • For the best results, your blood must be drawn at the lab before you take a dose of digoxin or six hours after taking the dose.
  • Your doctor will specify the timing and frequency of any other blood draws.
  • For each draw, arrive at the lab and sign in at the desk. Be sure to wear clothing with sleeves that are easily rolled up.

Time Required

It takes approximately 45 minutes to register at the lab and complete a blood draw. Results from the test are typically sent to your doctor within days; be assured, however, that any critical results are communicated immediately. Your doctor will discuss the results with you once he or she has reviewed them.


Michigan law requires that a valid order signed by an authorized person be presented before any laboratory test or procedure can be conducted. Authorized persons are defined as physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners. These professionals are legally responsible for interpreting the results of tests based on their knowledge of the individual patient.

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