Semen Check

Semen Check Tests for Presence or Absence of Sperm

Also known as: Vasectomy check, sperm check

Your doctor may order a semen check to confirm that a recent vasectomy operation was successful. The semen check determines the presence or absence of sperm cells in a specimen.

How to Prepare

For this test, you will need to collect a semen specimen.

  • You do not need to schedule an appointment.
  • You may pick up a plastic container from the lab for collecting and transporting the specimen, or provide your own. Make sure any container you use, whether glass or plastic, is clean and dry.
  • You should abstain from sexual activity for two days prior to collecting the specimen.
  • The best method for collection is masturbation. Other methods of collection may cause contamination or partial loss of the specimen, rendering it unusable (if you have religious objections to masturbation, ask your doctor about possible acceptable alternatives).
  • Be sure to collect the entire specimen in the container; partial specimens are inadequate for an accurate analysis.
  • Clearly write your name and the date and time of the collection on the label of the container.
  • Deliver the specimen to the lab, within 2 hours of collection.

Time Required

Your time in the lab is limited to the time needed to sign in, register with admitting and leave the specimen. Results from the test are typically sent within days to your doctor, who will discuss them with you once he or she has reviewed them.

Michigan law requires that a valid order signed by an authorized person be presented before any laboratory test or procedure can be conducted. Authorized persons are defined as physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners. These professionals are legally responsible for interpreting the results of tests based on their knowledge of the individual patient.

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