Frequently Asked Questions About E-Visits

What is an E-Visit?

An E-Visit is a convenient way to get medical advice from a MyMichigan Health provider for common, non-urgent medical conditions. You can submit a questionnaire regarding your symptoms and receive a quick reply from a MyMichigan Health provider through your MyChart account. Depending on your symptoms, the provider can also prescribe a medication for you.

Who can submit an E-Visit?

If you meet all of these criteria, you are eligible to submit an E-Visit:

  1. You are 18 or older.
  2. You have an active MyChart account. (Learn How to Activate Your Account)
  3. You are physically located in Michigan at the time you submit the E-Visit.

How do I request an E-Visit?

  1. Log in to your MyChart account using a web browser or the MyChart mobile app.
  2. Click the Messages tab, select "Ask a Question" and then click on Symptom-Specific E-Visit.
  3. Choose your condition from the list, answer all required questions, and then submit your payment information. (If your condition is not on the list, E-Visit is not available for that condition and you will need to schedule a regular appointment.)
  4. You will receive a written response from a MyMichigan Health provider via your MyChart account.

When are E-Visit services available?

You may request an E-Visit anytime, day or night, seven days a week. However, providers will respond during normal business hours.

When will I receive a response after I submit an E-Visit?

If you submit an E-Visit before noon, you will get a response the same business day. If you submit it after noon, you will get a response by noon the next day. If you have not received a response within these time frames, please call MyMichigan Support toll free at (855) 476-1298.

Will I be charged if I am not able to be treated by an E-Visit?

You will not be charged for the E-Visit if the MyMichigan Health provider determines that an E-Visit is not appropriate for your condition. They will direct you to schedule an in-person appointment instead.

Will I receive a phone call when I submit an E-Visit?

No, a MyMichigan Health provider will send you a written treatment plan via your MyChart account.

What is a written treatment plan?

A written treatment plan is a unique message sent from a licensed MyMichigan Health medical provider to your MyChart account. A written treatment plan may include:

  • Advice on how to treat your common, non-urgent health condition at home
  • Prescriptions (as needed)
  • Recommendations to avoid public settings like work or school (as needed)
  • Suggestions for over-the-counter medications that may help you (as needed)

Will I receive a prescription when I submit an E-Visit?

You will receive a prescription if the MyMichigan Health provider finds that it is medically necessary.

Where will my prescription be sent?

Your prescription will be sent to your preferred pharmacy as saved in your MyMichigan Health Medical record. You will have the option to change your preferred pharmacy while submitting an E-Visit.

What conditions can be treated with an E-Visit?

An E-Visit is an electronic communication between an established MyMichigan Health patient and a MyMichigan Health provider about a non-emergent health concern, including:

  • Bite/Sting
  • Eye Problems
  • GERD (Acid Reflux)
  • Rash
  • UTI ( Urinary Tract Infection)

How do I get a MyChart account?

You can request a MyChart account activation code by calling your primary care provider’s office during business hours or MyMichigan Support at (855) 476-1298.

Who will respond to my E-Visit?

A licensed medical practitioner employed by MyMichigan Health (physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner) will review your medical record and your E-Visit questionnaire and will provide a personalized treatment recommendation. E-Visits are routed to a pool of qualified MyMichigan Health providers; therefore the responding provider may not be your primary care provider.

Will my primary care provider be able to see the information from my E-Visit?

The information you submit in the E-Visit and the provider's response will remain a part of your medical record and will be available for your primary care provider to see on a future visit.

How long does an E-Visit take?

You should plan to spend 10-15 minutes completing your E-Visit.

How do I change an answer prior to my E-Visit submission?

Prior to submission, you can click the pencil icon to edit previous answers. You are not able to modify answers once your E-Visit has been submitted. If your symptoms get dramatically worse after you submit an E-Visit, we recommend that you call your primary care provider or go to an Urgent Care or Emergency location, depending on the severity of your condition.

Can I submit an E-Visit for my child?

No, E-Visits are only offered to patients ages 18 years and older. Pediatric patients are not eligible for E-Visits.

Can I submit an E-Visit for an adult family member?

The information submitted during an E-Visit becomes a part of the patient's medical record, so it is important to use the correct account. If you have proxy access to another adult's account, be sure to click their tab before initiating an E-Visit on their behalf. Otherwise, please assist them to login to their own MyChart account.

Can I have an E-Visit with my specialist?

At this time, specialty offices are not participating in the E-Visit program.

What is included in an E-Visit?

A provider will review your E-Visit and medical record, and recommend treatment. The fee does not include the cost of other services such as prescription medications, laboratory tests or X-rays (if any are needed). Requests for refills, handicap placards, work/school notes and/or letters cannot be addressed during an E-Visit.

If I don’t agree with the provider’s advice or medical care, would I have to pay for the E-Visit?

Yes, you would have to pay for the E-Visit.

What if I have questions after my E-Visit?

If you have questions about your care, please call your primary care office. If you have questions about billing please call Customer Service at (844) 832-1956.

I’m feeling worse. What should I do?

If at any time your symptoms worsen, please call your primary care provider’s office. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Will the E-Visit become part of my medical record?

Yes, the E-Visit will become part of your permanent MyMichigan Health medical record and will be available to those who participate in your care and treatment now and in the future.

Are my E-Visit and online medical record secure?

Federal and State law govern the confidentiality of medical information. MyMichigan Health is dedicated to keeping your medical information confidential. When you access your information, you must share the responsibility for keeping the information confidential. Please see MyMichigan Health's Notice of Privacy Practices. You also understand and agree that MyMichigan Health may disclose your communications or activities on MyMichigan if necessary to comply with the law or to protect other people’s rights, including the rights of our patients, providers and staff.

I’m having technical difficulties with an E-Visit. Who should I contact?

Please call MyMichigan Support toll free at (855) 476-1298.