Testimonials: WellSport

Photo of Venera Kadriu holding a volleyball and standing next to a volleyball net at Northwood University.

Thankful for the “Assist” as She Returns to the Volleyball Court

Venera Kadriu - Midland, MI

International student and volleyball player at Northwood University

“My recovery has been a lot of hard work, but I’m extremely pleased with the exceptional care I’ve received along the way and most of all, my outcome.”

Jack Miller, PRP Therapy and WellSport Patient.

PRP Treatment Frees Avid Weightlifter of Years of Shoulder Pain

Jack Miller - Shepherd, MI

Husband, Mobile Tool Store Owner, Avid Weightlifter, and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment Recipient

"Four weeks after the PRP treatment I regained 50 percent of motion back in my shoulders and by eight weeks I was 100 percent back to normal with no pain."

Kristin Fowler, WellSport Patient

Personalized Care and Support Helped Her Get Back in Shape

Kristin Fowler - Saginaw, MI

Soccer Mom, Church Member and WellSport Patient

"I had a great support team... They're always big proponents of a healthy lifestyle."

Joann Beauchamp, WellSport Patient

Treatment at WellSport Allowed Her to Keep Up Her Active Lifestyle

Joann Beauchamp - Bay City, MI

Mother, Newlywed, Retired Dental Assistant and WellSport Patient

"A year ago I was using a cart the whole time when golfing...now I'm walking and I golfed all season!"

Photo of Deb Bongard, WellSport and Rehabilitation patient.

Marathon Runner is Off to the Races after Physical Therapy

Deb Bongard - Clare, MI

Marathon Runner, WellSport, and Physical Therapy Patient

"They were genuinely concerned about helping me get back to what I love to do."

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