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Ann Kaminski, P.A.-C.

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Ann Kaminski, P.A.-C., is a physician assistant who specializes in urology. She sees patients in the office of Urologist Karla Witzke, D.O. Ann first began working with Dr. Witzke during her mentorship program while in her physician assistant program, and was instantly drawn to the specialty.

“We work with patients who are experiencing very personal problems that affect them both personally and emotionally,” Ann said. “People have been told by many health care providers that incontinence is just part of life. I learned very quickly that there are so many treatment options for incontinence and other urological symptoms. I want to help change the culture and attitude so patients do not have to just live with it.”

Ann has worked in the health care field of more than 18 years as a paramedic, and has witness patients during a crisis and when they were at their most vulnerable. “I was able to bring a sense of calm to their situation,” she said. “There is something very special about helping someone and having them trust you with their care.”

Philosophy of Care

Ann wants her patients to know that she’s here to help every step of the way.

“Our quality of life should not change because we have had physical changes as we age,” she said. “We should control our bodies and our quality of life. People with incontinence are embarrassed about their condition, and many change their way of living. They may be so afraid and embarrassed to have an accident in public and they do not want others to know.”

Ann lives by the Golden Rule, treating every patient as she would want to be treated. She helps guide her patients in different treatment options that will work best for them. “I am a very honest, open and compassionate person and I want my patients to know I will be there with them during this personal experience,” she said.

To Ann, the most satisfying aspect of working in urology is helping patients improve their symptoms and return to a normal way of life. “Simply having a patient say, ‘thank you for listening to me and helping me,’ is the most satisfying thing to hear,” she said.

Special Interests and Procedures

Ann has a special interest in Sacral Neuro Modulation (SNM). “Many of the medications for overactive bladder and urinary incontinence have adverse effects that patients can’t tolerate,” she said. “SNM allows a patient to treat their symptoms, avoid the adverse effects and need for medications and allow them control over their life again. I’ve had patients’ symptoms decrease by more than 50 percent with only a three-day trial period. The best part is that others will have no idea a patient has this device, as it’s smaller than a key fob.”

In her free time, Ann loves traveling and spending time with her family and friends. She and her husband, Tim, have five adult children and one granddaughter.


  • Female

Year Began Practicing

  • 2020

Board Certified

  • Physicians Assistant


  • English





"I am a very honest, open and compassionate person and I want my patients to know I will be there with them during this personal experience."

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  • Urology (urinary tract)

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