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About Patient Ratings & Reviews

How We Collect Data

The patient ratings and reviews on our Find a Doctor pages are from verified patients who had an outpatient appointment with the provider and then completed a follow-up survey. We invite all patients at our outpatient practices to participate in these surveys following their appointments, and we are committed to transparently sharing their feedback.

To protect patient privacy and maintain integrity of the data, we use an expert third-party partner called Professional Research Consultants to conduct our surveys. They de-identify the data before transmitting it to our website so that patients can feel comfortable providing open and honest feedback. They also ensure that the data is collected and reported in a statistically valid and representative manner.

Our Ratings and Reviews Policy

We are committed to transparently publishing patient ratings and reviews whether positive or negative, so that other prospective patients can use this information to make informed choices. However, we do not publish comments that contain:

  • Protected health information (PHI), that is information that could personally identify a patient such as names or phone numbers (while we don’t intentionally collect this data, patients may sometimes include it in a comment)
  • Offensive content, including:

    • Profanities, obscenities, indecent or pornographic material

    • Language or content that is abusive, harassing, threatening, or defamatory

    • Discriminatory language or content including, but not limited to, discrimination based on race, age, ethnicity, religion, gender, physical or mental disability, sexual identity, gender identity, or socioeconomic status

  • Potentially libelous material
  • Comments about other services, facilities or individuals that are not part of the provider’s practice
  • Information that is not related to the patient care or patient experience offered by that provider or their practice

If it is possible to remove the sensitive content while maintaining the integrity and substance of the feedback, we may lightly edit the comment and clearly indicate the edits in the published review. For example, you might see an editor’s note such as [expletive deleted], or [phone number withheld for privacy] in a published comment. If it is not possible to edit out sensitive content without altering the intent of the comment, the comment will not be published.

All comments are manually reviewed by our web team for compliance with this policy prior to publication. Providers also have the option to appeal a comment if they feel it warrants further review in accordance with this policy.

Why Don’t All Providers Have Ratings and Reviews on this Website?

A provider may not have ratings and reviews for one of three reasons:

  1. Insufficient data – We only display results for providers who have at least 20 patient ratings over the past 12 months. This helps to ensure that the data is truly representative and is not skewed by a handful of results.
  2. Provider is not employed by MyMichigan Health – We currently only have data available for our own employed providers. However we are working with our affiliated independent providers to enable them to participate in ratings and reviews.
  3. Patients rate the facility instead of the provider – In some settings, such as Emergency Departments or inpatient floors, patients choose a facility rather than a specific provider. In other cases, such as Lab and Imaging, patients don’t have direct interaction with the provider, but rather the provider interprets their results behind the scenes. In these settings, we survey patients about their experience at the facility, rather than with a specific provider. Therefore, providers such as hospitalists, pathologists, radiologists and emergency medicine providers typically will not have individual ratings and reviews.

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