Nursing & Clinical Student Placement

Nursing and Clinical Students Interested in a Apprenticeship

Clinical student placements at MyMichigan Health are coordinated through the Workforce Development Office. Once a preceptor has been identified, the following steps will need to be identified to ensure an affiliation agreement is in place, timeline of preceptorship is established, compliance standards are met and that appropriate access is granted to the student. Please note the placement and student onboarding process can take six to eight weeks, and must be completed prior to your start date. If an affiliation agreement is required, the process can take up to twelve weeks to complete.

Process for Obtaining Apprenticeship

Step 1: Apply for Academic Apprenticeship

All clinical placement requests must be submitted through the MyMichigan Health healthcare program applications hosted in ACEMAPP, a secure, online clinical education tool. To be considered for an opportunity, the application must be completed in full, or applications will be considered ineligible.

Instructions: Applying for an Academic Apprenticeship

Step 2: Identify Preceptor

MyMichigan Health departments/employees independently determine whether they will accommodate students. The Workforce Development Office may assist in placing a student with their requested department. Placement is not guaranteed and is based on the staff’s ability to accommodate, and this process may take up to two weeks to secure.

Once an Internship is identified:

  • All course materials must be reviewed/approved by department.
  • Hours should be arranged with department.
  • The department and student make arrangements for schedule of preceptorship.
  • The Workforce Development Office must receive confirmation from the department that an arrangement has been made to work with a student.
    • Please send confirmation of your preceptorship arrangement including schedule, department and number of hours to

Step 3: Affiliation Agreement

If you have been notified that no affiliation agreement exists; send the name, address, phone and fax number and contact person of your school to so that an agreement can be facilitated by the MyMichigan Health Workforce Development Office.

This process may take eight to twelve weeks to complete, depending on the length of time needed for the two parties to reach an agreement of terms.

Step 4: Placement Request Submission

ACEMAPP training - If granted an apprenticeship, students must complete training and upload requirements through an ACEMAPP account. A registration link will be sent to you from the Workforce Development team upon accommodation of your internship request. Please note you will be required to pay a fee through the website upon registration. For any technical issues with the site please call the ACEMAPP Help Desk at (844) 223-4292 or

Students must upload the following records (obtained within one year of clinical rotation start date) at least 1 week prior to your internship or clinical rotation start date to their ACEMAPP account:

  • Immunization Records
  • Flu vaccine (if on-site during the designated flu season)
  • TB screening
  • BLS certification (for students that will have direct patient contact)
  • Background Check (
  • Urine Drug Screen

Compliance Requirements - All students participating in a clinical placement at MyMichigan Health must complete compliance requirements through ACEMAPP and the MyMichigan Health training modules.

Orientation Information - Students must review all materials.

Step 5: Processing for Placement & Computer Logins/Access

Students with clinical placement at MyMichigan Health may be granted access to our computer systems based on the placement location and the specifications of the role within the health system. The department or office manager and student are responsible for ensuring that the correct computer logins/access have been requested.

Step 6: MyMichigan Health Badges

The department or office manager will determine whether the student needs a MyMichigan Health ID and will request the badge through the Security Office.

The student must be identifiable when on MyMichigan Health sites; therefore the student must wear their student badges if a MyMichigan Health ID is not requested for internship.

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