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CT Scanning
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MyMichigan Health is continuing to advance its cancer fighting technology with the Siemen’s SOMATOM® Confidence RT Pro CT Scanner. This specialized CT technology is designed to assist the radiation team with formulating radiotherapy treatment. It provides precise images so that providers have the most accurate information when mapping out a patient’s individualized radiation therapy plan.

Additionally, this state-of-the-art CT scanner utilizes iMAR (interative Metal Artifact Reduction) and Direct Density technology. The iMAR technology assesses any metal implants, such as fillings or pacemakers that a patient may have in their body and erases it from view. In a regular CT, the metal implant distorts the image, eliminating vital images from being visible. The iMAR removes the refracting that occurs and gives the provider a cleaner image to fully assess the tumor and surrounding organs. The Direct Density technology automatically adjusts to each person based on their size, such as a child versus adult, optimizing the image quality and creating a personalized scan unique to each individual.

By combining the capability of the CT scanner and a simulator, patients’ evaluation time in the simulator is reduced, and providers receive precision images for radiotherapy treatment planning.

SOMATOM® is a registered trademark of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.

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