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MyMichigan Pain Medicine
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A department of MyMichigan Medical Center Sault

Providing comprehensive, evidence-based pain management is our commitment to our patients. We know how important interventional pain management is to the quality of life for those who suffer with chronic pain.

Providing effective pain management starts with staying up-to-date on the most current research into pain therapies, combined with a thorough knowledge of physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medication management. The combination of these elements give our providers the best chance for success in managing or alleviating pain.

What you Can Expect

In order to accurately address your pain, we will need to perform a variety of tests and try a variety of treatments to find the most effective options for your condition

Many times it takes a few different procedures or approaches to find relief. Our overall goal is to help patients manage their pain and move toward independent, functional living. The key to our success is a shared respect and a joint commitment to addressing your pain. By understanding what your provider and you, as the patient, can do to address the pain will bring about better results.


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