Helping to bridge the gap between patients and the care they need.

Healthaccess is a community outreach program that helps bridge the gap between uninsured or underinsured individuals and programs available to assist them.

Photo of Pete Jackson, program coordinator for Healthaccess offering support to a patient.

Pete Jackson, program coordinator, offering support to a patient.

Healthaccess, sponsored by MyMichigan Medical Center West Branch, is in contact with federal, state and local organizations that help provide assistance for those in need; including the Department of Health and Human Services, the Social Security Administration, Commission on Aging, Red Cross, Lions Club, local churches and community support groups. Knowledge of these organizations and their programs helps eligible individuals in need get the financial help they need - when they need it most.

Healthaccess is not an insurance program or a program that has funds to pay for medical assistance.

Who is eligible?

Healthaccess works with uninsured and underinsured individuals on a case-by-case basis to determine if existing programs are available to meet their needs.

Goals of Healthaccess

  • To help determine if there are existing programs the patient may qualify for, i.e. Medicaid.
  • To help overcome barriers between the underinsured or uninsured and affordable care.
  • To connect individuals in need with organizations that can help.
  • To assist individuals in getting regular health and dental care.
  • To link women with health care programs that offer mammograms and routine pap exams.
  • To help individuals get necessary medications in a more affordable way.
  • To provide a link to the resources for diabetic education.

Have Questions?

Contact our Program Coordinator

For additional information about the Healthaccess program, please contact Pete Jackson at (989) 343-3608 or by email at