Patient Financial Assistance Program

If you are concerned that you may not be able to pay for your care, please reach out to us; we may be able to help.

MyMichigan Health treats every patient with compassion, dignity and respect. MyMichigan Health provides fair pricing for the medical services it provides. We also assist patients with finding options to help manage their medical costs.

You may be eligible for help with your medical bill through our Patient Financial Assistance Program.

How Do I Qualify for the Program?

You must meet these criteria to be eligible for the program:

  • You must be a U.S. citizen or a legal resident;
  • You must live in MyMichigan Health’s service area;
  • You must meet one of these income criteria:
    • Fall below 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
    • Fall between 301% and 350% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
    • Have MyMichigan Health medical bills that exceed 30% of your household income

Program Discounts

If you meet these criteria, you will qualify for one of these discounts:

  • A 100% discount on qualifying medical services
  • or a partial discount on qualifying medical services

How Do I Apply for the Program?

To apply for the program, you must complete an application and provide supporting documents. You have up to 240 days after you receive your first bill to apply.

After MyMichigan Health receives your completed application, we will provide you a decision in writing within 30 days.

Debt Collection

MyMichigan Health will not pursue any collections actions against any person without first using reasonable efforts to determine if the person is eligible for financial assistance. However, if we are unable to collect payments after making reasonable efforts, we may pursue additional collection actions. Therefore, it is important that you let us know if you have any concerns with paying your bill and work with us to explore your assistance options.

Please refer to our Billing and Collection Policy for more information.

Financial Counselors

Financial counselors are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours or by appointment. Financial counselors are Certified Application Counselors who can assist with Market Place Application. They can be reached by calling (844) 832-1956.

We will treat your questions with confidentiality and courtesy.

In addition, the Department of Human Services has an Eligibility Specialist (FIA) at some MyMichigan Health locations to assist you or your family.

Download Documents

You may download a copy of our financial policies and application form here:

You may also get a free printed copy of these same documents by:

  • Speaking with our financial counselors at a MyMichigan Medical Center or MMG Cashier Office.
  • Sending a request by mail to MyMichigan Health Business Office, 4000 Wellness Drive, Midland, MI 48670.
  • Calling us toll free at (844) 832-1956 to request a copy.

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Patient Financial Assistance

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