Hospital Room Amenities at MyMichigan Medical Center Gladwin

We have a mixture of semi-private and private rooms at MyMichigan Medical Center Gladwin. If you have a preference, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you. Keep in mind that not all insurance policies will reimburse for private rooms, if semi-private rooms are available.

  • Television - All rooms have Cable TVs. There is no additional charge for this service.
  • Phone - All rooms have telephones with free local calls. If you wish to make long distance calls, we recommend you bring a pre-paid phone card. In Gladwin, these are available for purchase in the gift shop.
  • Bathrooms - All rooms have toilets and sinks; some also have showers.
  • Meal Service - Most meals are ordered in advance - you choose from a menu of selections approved by your doctor. For some meals, you may select items from a cart that stops in your room at mealtime. If you have special dietary needs, such as kosher or vegetarian meals, or food allergies, please tell your nurse. We also have cafeterias and vending areas for your visitors.
  • Reading Material - Newspapers and magazines may be available in limited supply, courtesy of local businesses.  
  • Medical and Guest Services - We have comprehensive services in the hospitals to meet your treatment and recovery needs and to make your stay more convenient. These include:
    • Labs, radiology and most of the other diagnostic tests that might be required during your stay.
    • Rehabilitation services if ordered by your doctor for recovery.
    • Spiritual care.
    • Medical social workers to provide disease education, counseling for you and your family and access to community resources.
    • Discharge planning services to help you understand your doctor's orders, prepare your home, arrange for care providers and equipment for the home, or to find long-term care facilities if needed.

How Do I Call a Patient?

For patient privacy, we do not give out direct phone numbers to inpatient rooms. Please call the switchboard numbers below and ask for the patient by full name. Please keep in mind that patients may elect not to receive phone calls. See more ways to stay in touch.


Alpena (989) 356-7000

Clare (989) 802-5000

Gladwin (989) 426-9286

Gratiot (Alma) (989) 463-1101

Midland (989) 839-3000

West Branch (989) 345-3660