Spiritual Care

MyMichigan understands that patients are people, and we seek to treat the whole person, not just the body.

An important part of this healing approach is our Spiritual Care Program. This nondenominational approach provides counseling, prayer, religious services like baptisms and memorials, and coordination with your own minister, priest or rabbi.

MyMichigan provides locations for quiet reflection, meditation or prayer. Some of our medical centers have a designated chapel that may be used for meditation, prayer and consultation by patients, families and clergymen. In addition, our facilities have healing artwork and gardens that many find refreshing.

How Do I Call a Patient?

For patient privacy, we do not give out direct phone numbers to inpatient rooms. Please call the switchboard numbers below and ask for the patient by full name. Please keep in mind that patients may elect not to receive phone calls. See more ways to stay in touch.


Alpena (989) 356-7000

Clare (989) 802-5000

Gladwin (989) 426-9286

Gratiot (Alma) (989) 463-1101

Midland (989) 839-3000

West Branch (989) 345-3660