Visitor Policies

To ensure healthy recovery for our patients we ask you to observe a few simple courtesies:

  • Balloons - Latex balloons are not allowed. They can cause patients or employees to have severe allergic reactions.
  • Children - Due to current pandemic restrictions, all visitors/support persons must be 16 or older and screen negative for symptoms of respiratory disease. Please refer to our visitor information page for more details.
  • Dress - Visitors are required to wear shirts and shoes at all times.
  • Food - Some of our patients are on restricted diets and need to have their food intake monitored. Please obtain approval from the Nurse Manager before you bring a patient any food from outside the Medical Center.
  • Fragrances - Please do not wear heavy fragrances. Many patients have heightened sensitivity to scents due to their medical condition.
  • No Smoking - All MyMichigan Health locations are tobacco- and smoke-free. This policy includes all buildings, both inside and out, facility grounds and parking lots, as well as surrounding properties. Please extinguish all smoking materials before arriving.
  • Shhhh - Please allow our patients to rest and recover by keeping voices low and not crowding hallways. Please follow our policies on visiting hours and number of visitors. When visiting a semi-private room, please be considerate of the patient's roommate.
  • Sick Visitors - Please do not visit our facilities while you are sick. Even a mild illness could be dangerous to a patient with weak immunity.
  • Waiting rooms - Space is limited in ER, outpatient and diagnostic testing areas. Patients in these areas should bring only one or two visitors to help with driving and other needs.
  • Wireless phones - Wireless phones and similar devices may not be used in certain areas because they can interfere with medical equipment. Please ask permission before turning on a wireless phone.

How Do I Call a Patient?

For patient privacy, we do not give out direct phone numbers to inpatient rooms. Please call the switchboard numbers below and ask for the patient by full name. Please keep in mind that patients may elect not to receive phone calls. See more ways to stay in touch.


Alpena (989) 356-7000

Clare (989) 802-5000

Gladwin (989) 426-9286

Gratiot (Alma) (989) 463-1101

Midland (989) 839-3000

West Branch (989) 345-3660