Waiting Room Phone Numbers

Waiting room space is limited, so we recommend that families designate only one or two visitors to remain at the hospital. Those visitors can then contact additional family and friends to keep them up to date on the patient's condition. In case you need to reach a visitor in the event of an emergency, here are some helpful numbers.

To be transferred to the surgical waiting area, day surgery waiting area, or patient tower main lobby, please call (989) 463-1101.

Emergency Department - Family Waiting Room (989) 356-7482
Women's Health Unit - Family Waiting Room (989) 356-7913
Surgical - Family Waiting Room (989) 356-7612

Emergency Department - Lounge (989) 802-5918
To be transferred to other waiting areas, please call (989) 802-5000.

Medical-Surgical Unit  (989) 246-6255
Emergency Department - Waiting Room (989) 246-6258
To be transferred to other waiting areas, please call (989) 426-9286.

Critical Care level 3 (989) 839-1228
Emergency Department - Waiting Room Orchard Drive (989) 832-4468 (pay phone)
Surgical Lounge Level 2 (989) 839-3618
To be transferred to other waiting areas, please call the switchboard at (989) 839-3000.

West Branch
To be transferred to waiting areas, please call (989) 345-3660.

How Do I Call a Patient?

For patient privacy, we do not give out direct phone numbers to inpatient rooms. Please call the switchboard numbers below and ask for the patient by full name. Please keep in mind that patients may elect not to receive phone calls. See more ways to stay in touch.


Alma (989) 463-1101

Alpena (989) 356-7000

Clare (989) 802-5000

Gladwin (989) 426-9286

Midland (989) 839-3000

Sault Ste. Marie (906) 635-4460

West Branch (989) 345-3660